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Water Heaters Only technician knocking on the door to give an estimate Water Heaters Only, Inc is a full service water heater repair and replacement service company. We are licensed and insured with local offices in Carrollton, Phoenix, San Diego, Chicago, Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Francisco. We provide rapid water heater replacement and repair services to the entire Carrollton Area at extremely competitive prices. All our work comes with a warranty and a guarantee on the products we install.

With more than 55 years of experience, Water Heaters Only, Inc is considered an expert in the industry, specializing in all manners of water heater repairs and replacements. Truly the highest quality work for the lowest price is our guarantee. This combination of years of experience, the use of quality products and pride in our workmanship has kept our valued customers returning for all their water heater needs.

We invite you to browse our website for more information. Please read our valued customer reviews to confirm for yourself why Water Heaters Only, Inc Carrollton is the best choice for all your water heater needs. For immediate service, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, please contact us directly at (972) 238-5700 or toll free 1-800-835-8041.

Emergency Shutdown Instruction Sticker

A milestone in our history was the creation of the Emergency Shutdown Instruction Sticker that would eventually be direct mailed to millions of homes. This self-adhesive sticker was designed to help homeowners in shutting down and draining their heaters to avert damage to their homes from a water or gas leakage and as a means of connecting to our support. Here we are more than 55 years later; perhaps our commitment to fast service, high quality products and unbeatable prices has been what has us still going strong as America’s favorite water heater specialist.

Do you have a Water Heaters Only, Inc sticker on your water heater?

  Water heaters only new emergency shutdown sticker

Older Versions of our Stickers

Water heater installation sticker from 1990

Water heaters only emergency shutdown instructions 1970

Carrollton water heater installation sticker from 1980

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