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Water Heaters Only, Inc Carrollton installs and sells a variety of water heater brands with a wide range of water heating products. The type and brand of water heater we install is important, but more importantly, what’s behind the brand name? We take into account water heater warranties, product specifications, and parts availability. Our past experience with all brands is also a factor in determining what brand of water heaters we recommend.

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Carrollton residential rheem water heater

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high efficiency vertex hot water heater

High Efficiency

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Ao Smith commercial water heater


Water Heaters

Why choose Water Heaters Only, Inc Carrollton for your water heater needs? We’ve been specializing in water heaters for over 54 years!

We’re Experienced Water Heaters Only, Inc Carrollton is experienced in the installation and purchase of almost every brand of water heater sold in the United States. At Water Heaters Only, Inc, we constantly communicate with manufacturers so we can stay up to date on all product changes. This ensures we are always informed about new product designs and upgrades, so we can recommend the best product choices for our customers.

Quality is a Must Water Heaters Only, Inc Carrollton provides a guarantee on all the products we install. We also provide the warranty service, should there be a problem with a product we install. It’s important for our customers and our business reputation that we install products that last and do not have service problems. As a result of our long-term experience with all brands, we know what specifications to look for so we can provide a quality product without incurring additional costs for our customers.  Water Heaters Only, Inc Carrollton gets you more hot water at a lower price.

Customer Service Customer service is something we pride ourselves on and expect from the manufacturers whose products we install. Our water heater technicians are continually trained on the newest products, design changes and energy upgrades to water heaters. Water Heaters Only, Inc Carrollton strives to provide the highest level of customer service possible. We believe that’s the reason we’ve been servicing and installing water heaters for over 52 years.

If you have questions about the products we offer or want more information about our services, call us 24 hours a day at (972) 238-5700. Knowledgeable Water Heaters Only, Inc Carrollton employees will answer the phone and can provide answers to your questions right away.

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