Traditional Tank Water Heaters

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You never think about your water heater until there is no hot water or a leak in the tank. At that point, a person realizes there are choices to be made about whether to replace or repair the water heater.

There is a gamut of options for water heating products these days, ranging from traditional storage tank water heaters, to energy efficient solar systems, high efficiency condensing and tankless units. Whatever you are looking for, it’s important to know your options and know that you are purchasing the best quality product for your money.

Today traditional or conventional storage tank water heaters are manufactured to high safety standards and stringent energy and air quality ratings. We recommend taking into consideration a few key factors when purchasing a new water heater including;

  • Warranty
  • Energy Rating
  • FHR (First Hour Rating)


In our experience, it is important that the company that installs your water also provide the warranty service. The manufacturer will always honor the warranty on their products but they do not provide service. You need a reliable company that will diagnose and service the water heater in the event there is an issue within the warranty period.

Not all companies service the brands they install. Prior to purchasing your next water heater, ask who will provide service if there is a problem within the warranty period.

Water Heaters Only, Inc always backs the warranty on the units we install. Our customers are too important for us to refer them to a different service company for warranty work after an installation is complete.

Energy Rating


Gas storage tank water heaters have an energy rating between .59 and .65 depending on the internal insulation and gallon capacity. Gas water heaters with a .62 rating are considered energy efficient and will save a small amount on annual operating costs.

The cost to purchase these units is only slightly more than a standard tank. Most often these tanks usually have more insulation and are wider. They may not fit in all installation applications, but it’s worth it to ask if they are available and will fit in your home.


Electric storage tank water heaters are already very efficient and have an energy rating between .90 and .94. The energy rating will depend on the internal insulation and gallon capacity. Electric water heaters are very efficient. However, due to electricity costing more than gas, electric water heaters cost more to operate than a gas unit.

If you have an electric water heater installed outside you can add a blanket to help save a small amount on the operating costs. Electric water heaters are available in tall, medium and short models. They are also usually easier to install because they do not require a flue vent system or gas hook up.

FHR (first hour rating)

The first hour rating on a water heater indicates how much hot water the unit will produce in the first hour of use. The FHR is the amount of hot water in the tank +  how much new hot water the tank will make while it’s being used with the first hour. The FHR can be helpful in understanding how much hot water you will have available versus how much hot water you need.

In general, water heaters with a higher FHR have more BTU’s and a better recovery rate. This means they will reheat faster so you don’t have to wait for hot water. If you run out of hot water often, you may want to increase the gallon capacity of your tank when it’s time for replacement. You can also look for a water heater that has a higher BTU rating.  It will recover quicker.

Looking for service or have questions about a water heater? Call 1-800-835-8041 to speak with one of our water heater experts or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you with your water heater needs at an affordable price.