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2021 Reviews

“Our technician, Jeremy B, was very professional and friendly. He had us installed, up and running in a short amount of time. Thanks again for your prompt service!”

April, Kevin W, Carrollton TX, Provided By Google

“Jeremy B was on time and did not waste any time getting the old water heater removed and the new one installed. Followed my instructions perfectly and installation looks great and we had hot water within 45 minutes. Highly recommend Jeremy and Water Heaters Only”


March, Mark M, Carrollton TX, Provided By Google

2020 Reviews

“Jeremy and Zack did an excellent job replacing our water heater from a difficult location in our condo. Friendly and efficient. The price was significantly better than the competition.”


January, Larry H, Carrollton TX, Provided By Google

“Jeremy and Zack replaced our gas fired hot water heater located in the attic space in less than two hours time. They were on time, careful, and complete with with installation as well as cleanup. Jeremy gave a brief review of installation and reviewed the maintenance and warranty information. Their competent and efficient work on this project is appreciated. Thank you for your first rate service.”


January, Charlie S, Carrollton TX, Provided By Google

“Jeremy and Zack replaced our gas fired hot water heater. They done the job to my satisfaction. No mess and now hot water :). I would recommend them.”


January, Don H, Carrollton TX, Provided By Google


2019 Reviews

“Excellent service from Jeremy & Zack. Very reasonable. Had us up and running in no time.They came out the day my son called them. Thanks again for fast excellent service. In our area it was hard to find the right water heater.Y’all had it ! We called alot of places all said at least 10 to order , but not y’all , same day services.????????????????”


December, Ginny M, Carrollton TX, Provided By Google


“Great job! Fast, efficient, and affordable!”


September, Erick B, Carrollton TX, Provided By Google


“Jeremy B and his helper Zack did a great job! Arrived at the time stated and got the job done without any muss or fuss. Answered all our questions and left us happy with our new water heater.”


September, Sam W, Carrollton TX, Provided By Google


Removed old and installed new water heater on 8/3/19 in the DFW area, Mr. Brown and helper did a great job and was very thorough. Price was also very competitive and will definitely use again if needed.


August, Tim S, Carrollton TX, Provided By Google


Zack and M.r. Brown were prompt and professional. I am satisfied with their work and will call them again if I need service. Good job, thanks.


August, Zack Y, Carrollton TX, Provided By Google


I called Water heaters only to replace our water heater. Mr Brown and his associate came by that afternoon and within an hour had replaced and cleaned up the area where they put in the water heater. They were polite, courteous and answered all our questions. We are very happy with the price and the warranty that Mr. Brown gave us. I would highly recommend water heaters only to all our friends and family. Thank you, Terry


July, Terry D, Carrollton TX, Provided By Google

They did an excellent job. Mechanic was Mr. Brown. They removed the old and installed the new with absolute professionalism. We would use them again if the need arises and recommend them to friends and family. Thank you! Please see attached for mailing address Order #116631


April, Beth L, Carrollton Tx, Provided By Google


From the first time I called WHO to the time the installation crew left my house the service was impeccable. The gentleman on the phone gave me in depth guidance as to the make and capacity water heater I should have installed and the price for the unit and installation. I was given an appointment for the very next day which was astonishing. The install team lead by Jeremy arrived on time, gave me a rundown as to what they would be doing and a time frame for completion. The entire process from start to finish couldn’t have been any easier.
I would recommend this company to anyone in need of a new unit. 100% satisfied.


May, Peter M, Carrollton Tx, Provided By Google

Jeremy and his partner were extremely personable and professional for my install on Friday 4/5. They took the time to explain the process and followed up. I will definitely use them if necessary in the future.
Price was fair and in line with other quotes.
Trustworthy guys.


April, Zachary D, Carrollton Tx, Provided By Google


“We had Water Heaters Only install a new water heater in our house on 2/19/2019 because they did a wonderful job the last time we had one put in. Jeremy and Zack came out on time, they explained the process and installed the water heater at a reasonable price. We have live in this house for over 30 years, this new water heater works great. Thank You Jeremy and Zack for a great job!!!!!”


Feb, Paul N, Plano TX, Provided by Yelp


“Not my first time with these guys, even sent them to my Mom, great quick service. Superb. Brown did a great job on 2/18/19”


Feb, Carlos P, Plano TX, Provided by Yelp


2018 Reviews
“We finally decided that our old water heater was busted so, after an internet search, we called Water Heaters Only  at around 2:00 pm. They arrived at 3:20 and by 6:30 had the old one out, the new one installed, tested, all the documentation delivered and the old one hauled away. I don’t know if the price was competitive but the service was absolutely superb.”


Aug, Brian H, Provided by Google.com


“Water Heaters Only had great people that work for them. They are knowledgeable and fast.”


Dec, Teresa H, Provided by Google.com


“They are the best!”


Oct, Evan K, Provided by Google.com


“Yesterday, Jan 4, 2016, I decided to replace a water heater. It was 21 years old and I felt that was long enough. The old WH was installed in Feb 1995 by Kerby of your firm, so I called WHO again and MOE was sent out. He was quick, professional, thorough and did a clean job of replacement. We are quite satisfied with his work and the heater. He suggested we not expect 21 out of the new one, and we don’t. But our experience has been very nice. Thanks to Moe.

Michael W, Duncanville, TX, January,  Provided by Google.com

“Quick and easy, the installers were very accommodating and did a great job. Hopefully won’t need to for a decade, but I would uses this company again.”


Paul G, Dallas TX, May, Provided by Yelp.com

“Water Heaters Only replaced my existing water heater on schedule and at the cost they had estimated.   The installation was fairly quick and the installer did a nice job of cleaning up the job site when he was complete.”


Devin E, Wylie TX, November, Provided by Yelp.com


“I had a new water heater installed by Water Heaters Only on 6/5/15. The customer service was good, they gave me an estimate on the phone and the final cost was exactly in that range and it was one of the cheapest companies I found, so they did not try to upcharge me once they were here. Moe was the installer and he showed up AND on time AND knew what he was doing, which says a lot these days considering I had hired another company the week before who didn’t show up. The reason I give thhem a 3 and not 4 or 5 is becuase the first water heater he was going to install was dented and scratched up. He did offer me a discount on it, but I wanted a scratch free and dent free water heater. So, he did drive from Downtown Dallas to Rowlett and back in Friday afternoon rush hour to get me a new water heater. This one was scratch free and dent free, but it is not the color I ordered. However, at that point I had the water off to 5 neighbors and it was late Friday afternoon and my tank had already been emptied and I needed to get the water heater installed. So, overall I would use them again, but am a bit disappointed that I have a grey water heater sitting next to a white washer and dryer.”


Jennifer D. Dallas TX, June, Provided by Yelp.com


“Set up an appointment for Thursday morning, got a call that they were on their way, two guys did a nice job installing a new water heater, my third one from this company, and I am very happy with the new water heater.”


Mikal M, Dallas TX, September, Provided by Yelp.com

“My Aunt lives in Richardson; She had a water heater installed 2-14-16.  MOE installed this water heater on Sunday. She was very impressed with the service she received. The price was very competive also.”


Alvin G, Spearman TX, February, Provided by Yelp.com


We have used them twice (the first time before Yelp was born!) and our experience has been very good.  Our regular plumber is a bit older and our water heater is upstairs in an attic, so when we needed a new water heater he suggested Water Heaters Only.  I trust my plumber from years of dealing with him and knew he did not give recommendations lightly so I had no reservations about calling them, but I did have high expectations.  The first time we used them their response time was fast (a few hours) and within another hour or so we had a new water heater installed at what I considered to be a fair and reasonable price.  We had a few “code” compliance things (access to a drain) that needed updating, so the price for those items drove the overall price up, but that is city stuff, not them.  The actual install was quick, clean and efficient.  The second time we have used them was last week when a thermostat on the water heater went out.  The first folks out from the company diagnosed the problem, however the part is difficult to come by for our particular model, so they did not have it immediately in stock.  The folks that came out and diagnosed the problem were prompt, respectful, and worked quickly.  They told us they would need to find the part as they did not have any in stock but should be able to have it and install it the next day.  The next day, just as they had promised, another employee of Water Heaters Only came to install the part.  I was really impressed after the install when he told me he was going to do some paper work in his truck and come back in in a little bit just to make certain everything was fixed correctly and still working.  He did just that and we settled the bill once everything was confirmed to be working and then he was off to his next happy customer. It is nice when you find good honest people in the home improvement business and Water Heaters Only, in my experience, have been exactly that.”

Kurt V, Dallas TX, April, Provided by Yelp.com


“We called Waters Heaters Only on Sunday because our water heater had started to leak.  We were given information that helped us to determine what we needed to do. We were told that a serviceman would come the next day to install a new heater. Moe arrived about 2 pm and immediately began th removal of the old heater and installed the new one.  He was very polite, knowledgeable, and precise as he went about his work.  So far everything is working fine and we are pleased with the service we received.  Thanks Moe for a doing a great job.”

Portia T, Dallas TX, January, Provided by Yelp.com



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