Speedy Water Heater Repair!

No matter where you are in the Carrollton area or what your water heater problem is, Water Heaters Only, Inc Carrollton provides fast water heater service and water heater repairs, including replacement and installation throughout the Carrollton.

If you have no hot water, a leaking water heater or simply are not getting enough hot water from your water heater, we are here to help. Call any of our local service numbers or call toll free 1-800-835-8041 24 hours a day to speak with one of our water heater experts.

Water Heaters Only, Inc Carrollton has been providing 24 hour service for water heaters since 1968. We are 5 star reviewed on Google and A rated on Angie’s List.

Water Heater Service

When you call, a Water Heaters Only, Inc Carrollton employee, that is knowledgeable about water heaters, will answer your call. They will help you diagnose and understand what the problem is with your water heater and schedule an appointment with our technician to solve your water heater problems onsite.

In some cases, simply replacing a part can fix the issue you might be having, but if you require a complete replacement, our technician arrives with everything needed to replace your water heater immediately.

During your initial phone call, we will determine what type and size of water heater you have and talk about what your replacement options are in case you need a new water heater. Taking the time early on to gather information and discuss options can save time when a replacement is necessary.

Call now to speak with a water heater expert 1-800-835-8041.