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Preparing for Winter in Carrollton

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carrollton winter prepPreparing for winter in Carrollton is no small feat. If last year was any indication, this year’s winter weather in Carrollton, TX could unleash torrential rain and sub-freezing temperatures.  As we keep an eye outside on rivers and streams swelling, residents should also take a look inward at the water situation in their own home.

Christmas week 2015 was a deluge of wet weather coupled with freezing cold nights. To prepare for the wave of water coming our way, Carrollton residents are encouraged to take a gander at their home’s water heater.

Water heaters not accordingly prepped for winter may create serious problems that result in a time draining mess that may cost you a lot of money.  Follow these tips to make sure your water heater is prepared to carry you through until springtime.

Make sure that your exhaust vents and your air intake are clear of all debris. Snow may be sucked into your water heater’s air intake pipe and block your flow.  This is more of a concern only for people who have condensing or sealed combustion water heaters, also known as a High Efficiency unit. And it’s not just snow that blocks the pipe!  Keep an eye out for small birds or mice who may have crawled into that warm pipe for a cozy resting spot.

Are you headed out of town for the winter? Simply drain your water heater! Turn off the supply of water to that heater and drain all of the water lines that may be associated with it.  You’ll be problem free when you get back in the springtime!

♥  A classic but goody fix for winter is the not let those pipes freeze! Insulating your electric water heater’s pipes with pipe sleeves and gas water heaters with fiberglass insulation with protect your pipes from freezing.  An added bonus of taking this extra precaution is that the added insulation will retain the heat flowing through your pipes and in the long run save you some money!  This will make your wallet much happier once our warm weather returns!

 And our simplest advice for getting ready for Old Man Winter is … check and double-check! The holiday season and cold weather puts a lot of demands on your home and an early check up on your water heater will give you peace of mind on those cold nights. The saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and scheduling a Water Heaters Only, Inc Carrollton technician’s visit to inspect your unit will give you peace of mind. A small crack in the metal of your water heater may lead to big problems down the line. Is it time to have yours checked out?

♥  Whether you are a property manager, homeowner, renter or just have a question for us, feel free to call anytime and we will be happy to help you. Our 24 hour number is (972) 238-5700 or toll free at (800-835-8041).  Stay warm y’all!

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